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Should I Teach Students to Compose Music?

If I have to choose between having students complete graded music theory under an examining board (e.g. ABRSM, TCL, LCM, RSL) or learning to compose music, I will definitely choose the latter.

I’m contemplating whether to ditch music theory workbooks in my lessons and switch students to music composition. The idealistic me thinks that learning how to compose music is a wonderful idea. It’s not something that I was taught in my piano lessons. The idea of being able to compose music is like a dream come true. Or is it?

I remembered my days in school where I have to write essays, compositions, stories, etc. How often have I written essays after school life? Well, a lot to be fair in college and at work where there’s thesis, reports, etc. However, will or would my students continue to compose music when they are adults or would the knowledge/skill become a white elephant like physics or chemistry?

After much deliberation, no, I will not introduce music composition in my classes for now given the scarcity of lesson time and the students’ time outside lessons.

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