Piano Lessons

We offer in-person partner, group and one-to-one piano / keyboard lessons in Celbridge, co. Kildare.

Online lessons are also available for individuals that are at least of a late beginner level.

What age and level do you teach?

My youngest student started when she was 3 years old. My most mature student is in his 60s. I teach absolute beginners to grade 7/8.

Why take lessons at Celbridge Piano?

Lessons are enjoyable and culminate in a student concert for each term. You focus on playing the piano and making music instead of passing exams and note reading.

What will the pupil learn / teaching method?

The student will learn to play tunes and pieces from the very beginning. After being able to play good sounding pieces, they go on to learn to play the piano by ear on both hands. After that, they will learn to improvise i.e. creating tunes and pieces of their own. Eventually, they will learn to write down their tunes using musical notations and then we will learn to compose music.

For young children, a parent/guardian will attend every lesson with the child and and learn along with the child.

For teenagers and adults, they are encouraged to undertake a project of their choice every term. Most students opt to learn a favourite piece/song from their bucket list / lifelong dream.

I’m interested in online lessons

Online lessons are suited for learners who are at least of late beginner level (e.g. grade 2-3). It is Celbridge Piano’s experience that teaching absolute or early beginners online is very challenging.

Where is Celbridge Piano located?

Celbridge Piano is located in Primrose Gate, Celbridge, co. Kildare for in-person students. Parking is available.

Types and cost of lessons

Note: the cost per term varies from term to term depending on the number of lessons in a term. For example, there are 8 lessons in the 2022 spring/summer term while there are 10 lessons in the 2021 winter term. The rates shown below are prorated accordingly.

Partner classes (2 pupils per class)

€155 per term (10 lessons of 30 mins each).

10% discount is available for two or more family members taking lessons together.

There will be 2 pupils in a class. Each pupil will progress at their own speed with opportunities for fun and learning with the other pupil.

Group classes (3 to 4 pupils per class) – on Saturdays only & subject to availability

€130 per 10 lessons of 40 mins each)

10% discount is available for two or more family members taking lessons together.

There are 3 to 4 pupils in each group, depending on scheduling availability. Students are matched based on their age and ability. During lesson, each student will have access to a keyboard/piano. They do not have to bring a keyboard/piano.

There are many benefits such as progressing more quickly, covering more material and remaining motivated to learn the piano, and more affordable lesson fees.

One-to-one classes

Joseph recommends partner classes over one-to-one classes as there are opportunities for a pupil to play musical games with another pupil, perform and learn from the other pupil.

Contact Joseph for rates.

Other information

For students who join during a term, the fee is prorated based on the number of lessons remaining.

It is typically €10 to €20 for a music book. Joseph will advise you on the book to get.

Fees for the term are payable in advance. For long standing students, two installments of the fee can be arranged if required.

2021 – 2022 calendar

Second Term (10 Weeks)
10 January – 9 April
21 Feb to 27 Feb: mid term break / makeup lessons week
16 Mar to 18 March: Paddy’s day + bank holiday
9 April: student concert

Third Term (8 Weeks)
25 April – 25 June 2022

Break in the week from 16 May to 22 May 2022

Summer Term

(To be confirmed)

Mid-Term Break (First Term): 24 – 31 October

Christmas Holiday: 5 December – 9 January

Celbridge Piano school holiday: early February (to be confirmed)

St. Patrick’s Day: 17 March

Mid-Term Break (Second Term): 20 – 27 February

Easter Holiday: 10 – 24 April

Bank Holiday Mondays: 2 May, 6 June, 1 August