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Music Adventures Course for 4-7 years

This is a course for children aged 4 to 7 where they are introduced to the piano/keyboard, note reading, and songs while having fun. There are usually two or three children and their parents for each lesson.

There are 3 levels in this course: A, B and C. Each level takes about two terms to complete. Upon completion of level C, the child progresses to the usual keyboard classes.

For this course, the child will need:

  • access to a keyboard or piano. For keyboards or digital piano recommendations, go here.
  • My First Piano Adventures books: Level A, Level B, Level C. These are the books used for learning to read notes.
  • Mp3 recordings for the My First Piano Adventure books.
  • Youtube reminder videos for the Pattern Pieces learnt
  • A notebook and pen/pencil for taking notes
  • A smart phone for taking videos

What to do outside of classes:

Here are some ideas:

  • Repeat the piano pieces learnt during classes. Initially, for each piece, just repeat once a day, unless the child volunteers to repeat more times. Gradually, move to repeating three times whatever the child is working on.
  • Play along with the Mp3 recordings.
  • Sing the songs learnt during lessons


My child or I can’t remember what was learnt during the class.

For reminder videos of Piano Safari Pattern Pieces, refer here. There are no videos for My First Piano Adventures as far as the tutor is aware of. You are welcome to search the internet. Refer to your notes taken during the class. You are welcome to take videos of what was learnt using your smart phone during lesson time.

What will my child be learning?

Your child will be introduced to the piano/keyboard, note reading, and songs while having fun. This course is made up of various curricula: My First Piano Adventures, Music for Little Mozart – Discovery, and Piano Safari – Pattern Pieces. You do not need to purchase the books for Music for Little Mozart and Piano Safari.

I wish to learn the words to the lyrics to the songs my child is singing during classes

You are welcome to take a photo of the song that your child is learning. Alternatively, you could purchase the Music for Little Mozart Discovery book just for the lyrics.