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I Would Like to Enter for a Piano Exam

Celbridge Piano’s View on Exams

The main purpose of exams is to obtain feedback on your/your child’s progress from an external and independent party. For some students, exams can serve as an extrinsic motivation. Passing an exam does not mean that a student enjoys music for the rest of their lives, is able to play Happy Birthday without a music sheet on the spot, play one’s favourite tunes by ear or play the piano for a singalong, etc. In fact, there are a lot of students who have passed their grade 8 piano and are not able to do any of the above despite after years of lessons.

Therefore, exams are optional but recommended for certain students.

Celbridge Piano’s Rules for Entering for an Exam

A student:

  • Enters for one exam once every 2 years and no more frequent than that. The exam entered for must be at least 1 grade below current playing ability. For example, to enter for grade 2 exam, the student must be at least of grade 3 playing ability
  • Informs the tutor of his/her intention to enter for an exam. The student spends a maximum of two terms to prepare for the exam (or a maximum of three terms for grade 6-8). If a student needs more than two terms to prepare for the exam, it strongly suggests that the student is not at the playing ability required for that grade.
  • Passes the self and tutor assessment for that grade before registering for exam

Which Examination Board Do I Go With?

Students are trained for the MTB Piano exams so MTB is the natural choice, especially with its diverse choice of music. There are however other examining boards including LCM Jazz Piano, etc. Talk to your tutor if you need more information.

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