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How to Practice Piano?

Dr. Brent Hugh, Assistant Professor of Piano from Missouri Western State College listed 21 methods to practise the piano! There are many ways to practise, not just mere repetition. See which ones you already know and which ones you/your child may incorporate into your practice!

For instance, method 17 Record yourself is something that I repeatedly suggest to my students. See, I wasn’t making things up when I asked my students to record themselves (playing their pieces). A professor recommends it as a piano practice method too!

NOTE: a method may not be suitable for a student at a certain point in time. For example, I generally do not advise method 13 Count out loud for beginners or young students. It is already very difficult to memorise the notes and rests, play with appropriate finger posture, maintain concentration, relax the body, move the arms and hands, etc AND count aloud all at the same time? That’s too much for a beginner/young student. Besides, depending on the counting system used, the student needs to be very conversant with addition and fractions before s/he can count properly.

It is a good idea to ask your music teacher which practice method(s) is helpful for you/your child at different stages of their learning journey.

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