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He Didn’t Like Tennis When he First Started it

I was having a chat with a dad who’s training to be a tennis coach. He said that he had to ‘force’ his son to pick up tennis and his son didn’t like it at first. However, his son started to like the game when he developed some skill in it and started going for competition, after a year or two.

That brought to my mind kids who started learning the piano/keyboard. Most of them can’t control their fingers. They find it hard to move their hands and to play accurate. They might not be able to remember what I showed them by rote. They might not be able to do a lot of things. I would sometimes just focus on one thing for the whole lesson. Playing a musical instrument is tough. It usually takes a lot of time and practice before you can see and hear results. For me, I think I only really played ‘nicely’ after maybe 20 years. I took maybe 4 years of lessons during that time and played the piano on and off.

Perhaps this is where parents come in – to insist that their child continues to play the piano/keyboard until they get over the ‘hump’.

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