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Celbridge Piano’s Teaching Methodology

The vision is for students to enjoy creating music on the keyboard/piano. The goals to accomplish is that are to acquire skills in the following order (for children):

  • Students are able to learn by rote i.e. play by copying the teacher, someone else, youtube videos, etc. By learning by rote, students practice their skill in memorisation, a key skill in music making
  • After which students are able to play melodies by ear i.e. they hear a tune/song/piece on the telly/radio/movie and can replicate the notes.
  • After which students are introduced to theory of music where they dictate the melodies of the tunes they learnt.
  • After which students learn to harmonise the melodies using left hand chords.
  • After which students learn to play by lead/fake sheets. By this, they learn to add left hand accompaniment to written melodies, improvise melodies, and comp.
  • After which students learn to dictate the left hand using bass clef.
  • If appropriate, students are introduced to notation software e.g. Musescore.
  • Students are encourage to take an exam to consolidate his/her knowledge

The above steps are reiterated in increasing complexity.

After an appropriate level, students choose to focus on a style:

  • classical piano
  • jazz piano
  • rock/pop piano

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