Piano / Keyboard Lessons for All Ages and Levels

In Celbridge, co. Kildare, Ireland or anywhere in the world really

How do you want to learn the piano/ keyboard?

Choose the lesson format that best suits you/your family, your learning style and lifestyle.

piano keyboard lessons celbridge children adults

Face-to-Face Piano / Keyboard Lessons in Celbridge, co. Kildare, Ireland

One to one lessons or small classes (up to 3 students with social distancing)

online piano keyboard lessons adults teenagers children worldwide

Online Piano Lessons Whenever You are in the World

One-to-one zoom piano lessons wherever you are, in the comfort of your home/office. This suits older children, teenagers and adults.

online piano keyboard lessons adults celbridge ireland

Online Piano Course (Upcoming)

Learn the piano/keyboard at your own time and own pace.

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