Piano / Keyboard Lessons for All Ages and Levels

In Celbridge, co. Kildare, Ireland or anywhere in the world really

Why learn at Celbridge Piano?

  • Start playing music on the piano asap using Joseph’s unconventional teaching methods. The student will learn to play by ear and create their own music in a carefully sequenced curriculum.
  • Play a range of music, not just classical music. Exams are optional. Students perform in a student concert at the end of each term.

Our values

  • Enjoy music over passing music exams.
  • Play music using any method (rote, ear, lead sheets, improvise, own composition, etc) over note reading.
  • Play music that you like on the piano over playing music that one is not interested in.
  • Be an all-rounded musician over just being able to play the piano by reading notes

What students learn

The key skills are based on the syllabus of music taken as a leaving certificate in Irish schools:

  • Performing – the aim to be able to share music with others
  • Aural – learn to play by ear
  • Improvising – learn to create music on the go. It’s essentially doodling on the instrument!
  • Composing – anyone can compose music. This is achieved by completing music theory. A lot of times, music theory is taught as an intellectual exercise. However, at Celbridge Piano, students play what they have written to create the linkage between what’s on the page and the sound on their instrument.